Testing For Chlamydia At Home

More and more things traditionally involving human interaction can now be accomplished in the privacy of one’s own home. What used to involve visiting a doctor can now be done with test kits ordered online. Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and as it is often symptomless, is also referred to as the silent infection. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have Chlamydia but do not want to visit a doctor, you can order a Chlamydia home test kits and find out for certain.

Home-Test Kit

For men, the Chlamydia home-test kit involves collecting a urine sample. The kit provider will include a container for the urine sample, along with a prepaid envelope to send the urine sample to their partner laboratory.

The Chlamydia home-test kit for women involves a swab sample. The swab is included in the test kit and comes with instructions on how to collect the sample. There will also be a tube provided to protect the sample. A prepaid envelope to send the tube to the partner laboratory is also included.

For both men and women, the test results will reveal whether or not you have Chlamydia, and the results are 99.9 percent accurate. The results are also very quick, arriving two-to-three days after the lab receives your sample.

Why Use a Home Test?

When it comes to testing for STIs at home, it is a quick, effective, and simple process. Many people go undiagnosed as they are afraid of the social stigma of going to a doctor to get tested for STIs and STDs. They feel as though they are admitting to being promiscuous, but the reality is, if you are engaging in unprotected sex outside of a monogamous relationship, you should be regularly tested for STIs and STDs. The availability of home tests has lessened incidences of people who should be tested not undergoing testing as the anonymity and convenience make it easier for people to undergo regular testing. This lessens the likelihood that people are living with unknown infections or diseases while spreading them through every subsequent sexual partner.

So if you are someone who could be a carrier of an STI or STD, consider looking into home-test kits. Don’t only think of yourself, but also your current sexual partner, as well as any future ones. Help stop the dangerous spread of STIs and STDs by getting yourself tested regularly by a doctor or using home-test kits available for ordering online.

Chlamydia Testing Doesn’t Have To Be A Long, Embarrassing Process

If you’re currently sexually active, then chlamydia testing is incredibly important. Although this sexually transmitted disease is curable, it still remains a very serious one. Having untreated chlamydia can result in scar tissue throughout the uterus and urethra that will make it difficult to reproduce naturally in the future. While many people produce a bright-colored discharge, often lime-green, they may not have any pain with this illness. Moreover, some people experience absolutely no symptoms at all with this STD. If you believe you may have been exposed to chlamydia, whether you have symptoms or not, you should definitely have a test performed.

The Drawbacks Of Having Chlamydia Testing Performed In-Office

Getting tested for chlamydia in-office is hardly convenient. After all, you’ll have to make an appointment and take time away from work or your other responsibilities in order to receive the necessary care. Moreover, you will likely have to answer a seemingly endless array of questions concerning your sex life, your sexual preferences, and the sexual health risks that you take. Rather than simply issuing these tests, some providers may even require a physical exam. In-office examinations are invasive, embarrassing, time-consuming, and many other negative things. For this and many other reasons, some people are reticent to get STD testing, even when they desperately need it. Some may even put these necessary processes off until they experience painful symptoms that they can no longer ignore. This can be very problematic with chlamydia given that a lack of noticeable symptoms is very common. In fact, it is possible to have chlamydia for years without even knowing it.

Chlamydia Testing At Home

The alternative to having chlamydia testing performed in a clinical setting is to have these tests performed right in your very own home. With this option, you do not have to take time off of work and you don’t have to answer any questions about your sex life that you don’t want to. Moreover, there is much more anonymity in this process given that you won’t have to risk bumping into someone you know, whether in the waiting room or as part of the actual clinical staff. The testing supplies will be delivered right to your home address in discreet packaging. Once you have collected the necessary sample, you can send your test off to the lab and wait for your results.

Online Testing And Treatment

There are even some forms of at-home chlamydia testing that have a very helpful, medical component. For instance, some companies have licensed doctors on staff that can route the necessary antibiotics to a pharmacy of your choosing once your results are in. Others have trained doctors on their teams that can offer sexual and mental health counseling to help people deal with their STD test results. Ultimately, you have the ability to get as much or as little help and support as you need.

Best of all, the companies that provide at-home chlamydia testing are always aligned with reputable labs. This means that the results they provide are just as accurate as the results that you’ll get from testing in a clinical setting. All you have to do is carefully follow the provided instructions for the sample collection process.